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Mobile Sniffer Pro

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Detect wide range of mobile devices & redirect in variety of possible ways with almost zero coding

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Mobile Sniffer Pro is a mobile detection & redirection tool kit to provide complete solutions for mobile device detection and redirection with granular control. Mobile Sniffer not just detects the Mobile devices, but also help you redirect the webpages in 3 different modes. You don't have to break you head figuring out when & what to redirect where, just show the MobileSniffer your mobile and desktop sites and you are set to go. With 3 different methods of website redirection, it couldn't get any better. Mobile Sniffer is also Smart enough to maintain the same page when switching between the mobile and desktop sites – Your users don't have to navigate back to the page during the website switching!

3 Redirection Modes

  1. SubDomain Redirection – Redirect to Mobile and Desktop websites as different subdomains for mobile and desktop site ( ~~
  2. SubFolder Redirection – No problem if you dont want to have a seperate subdomain for Mobile & Desktop sites. You can have then as a Subfolder to the main site ( ~~
  3. Dual URL Redirection – Don't like to Switch URLs at all ? No problem, Mobile Sniffer has got a solution for that as well. With DUAL URL Mode enabled, you no longer need to have different URLs for Desktop & Mobile Site. This tool will take care of all the hassles of detecting the target device and serving the appropriate contents – Whether its a Desktop or a Mobile device. The best past is, its also SEO Friendly which means you can have all the fancy work without compromising on SEO


The configuration is one time and is fairly simple. Once done, you never have to think of it again, super simple & hassle free operation. Check on some of the Live demos from the below links

  1. Detect and Redirect to sections based on Device
  2. Subdomain switching mode
  3. Dual URL mode
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As a mobile developer I have been looking for a redirect that will work efficiently amongst all my sites. Does everything I needed and more with a little assistance from smart_techie. Great script that works and has a lot of options for configurations as well.