Net Chat – Advanced Inter Network Colorful Chat

Network Chat

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Connect with your friends over LAN & be the Admin

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NetChat is a a socket based server client model chat system with keep alive option which is both fast and intuitive. NetChat operates over a TCP /IP protocol making it ideal for LAN chats. With advanced intuitive features like Font manipulation, Group Chat, Message Notification Alert, Company Logo Integration, Message History and Command line control - This becomes a robust must have tool for LAN users.

NetChat Software pack has Server & Client files.


  • Socket Based - Keep Alive enabled
  • Public / Individual / Group Chat
  • Font Formatting Enabled – Change font size, color, family etc.
  • Chat Commands Control the chat using super kool console based commands
  • Network Encryption for data
  • Chat Histories now never forget even a single chat
  • Standalone - No installation required
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