About ItsMyLab


ItsMyLab is an initiative to bring the best of the web. Try out cool new stuffs, Experiment, Innovate and make the web a better place to use. There are plenty of scripts & applications under development which are real fun to develop and really cool to use. Please subscribe to the feeds to get the latest update on developments. Check out and see what suits your needs, scripts at bare minimum starting as low as 4$.

Scrips, Mobile Apps, Web Apps & Desktop Apps - We are just starting and have lots of plan and things in our mind to work out so stay tuned to our subscription list and see what's coming, you definitely don't want to miss it

The biggest challenge was getting the idea focused and simple enough.

By the way, I'm an Web Developer by profession and definitely see the future in it. Every thing is moving Cloud today and the only way to make sure it doesn't fly away is to plug into the Internet, Isn't it ?

How does this work ?

The whole idea around is simple - I like doing experiments with things in Web, I like to build cool & crazy stuff that people might find usefull. But Inorder for me to work on things I need support, so I write scripts & sell them at a small price.

Whats the plan ?

I started this Website with an idea to contribute something cool to the web and that's what I've been working for since then. Web now a days is a place where people spend most of the day, searching & sharing information, so I would love to be part of it. Right now I plan selling scripts but down the link its really going to be something interesting. Well, I plan on articles, tutorials, expertise sharing, discussion forums etc.. So lets wait and see what comes next

I want some scripts, but they are not here!

If you are looking for some sort of script or in need of solution to get your project working ? Send an request using the contact form or the help section